Sex with a Robot: Cheating or Entertainment?

The developments in porn industry are happening all the time, with more unique objects being released yearly. VR porn and the implementation of artificial intelligence within the industry are some of the best examples showing the heights that have been achieved. Sex dolls with integrated AI technologies is an exciting revelation that many people would love to experience. However, there is an inevitable question: does sex with a doll mean cheating on your real life partner?

Sex Robots

To answer the question about cheating, it’s important to understand what sex robots are like first. They are represented by the following characteristics:

  •         They look extremely realistic and human-like, having the same proportions, colors, hair and body structure, etc.;
  •         They can move and keep up with a basic conversation;
  •         They are programmed to react to erotic ministrations;
  •         Due to all the above, they are costly and not everyone can afford them.

The fact that not everyone can afford to buy such a doll means increases the fascination people have with this invention. Sex dolls are perfect for insecure or disabled people, as well as for those who’re simply intrigued by the idea of having sex with a robot. So, for those who are already in relationships, is intimate interaction with a doll just a fun activity or a form of cheating?

Cheating vs. Entertainment

Unfortunately, there can’t be one universal answer as everything depends on people involved. On the one hand, despite being based on AI, robots are far from resembling humans in the majority of relevant aspects. At the end of the day, they remain just that — robots, a toy that can be turned off and that can’t experience any real feelings. Such machinery limitations mean that people won’t be intellectually stimulated or comforted by the robot; they can’t have talks about their problems. It minimizes emotional attachment and makes sex robots as inanimate as dildos.

On the other hand, some might still grow increasingly attached to their dolls. Since these robots look and feel real, with enhanced beauty and proportions, some may start to crave them more than their partner. It can create problems as many people will view it as cheating. Furthermore, many might dislike how perfect and real dolls are and thus be hurt by their partner having sex with it. So, whether sex with a robot is cheating or fun depends on personal definitions and perception of it.

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