VR Sex and Long-Distance Relationship

VR porn continues to excite people and attract their attention, making them download specially-constructed videos and purchase VR headsets. With the help of VR porn, it’s now possible to have sex in any location and with any person at any time, and it will feel surprisingly realistic. You can be an observer watching how other people have sex like you’re literally in the room with them or you can feel at the center of attention. VR porn videos from the first point of view are particularly popular as they create an impression that you’re the one being pleasured.

What about VR porn, though, and real-life partners? If you’re in a long-term, committed relationship and have no intention to cheat on your loved one, is it possible to diversify your sex life with VR porn? What if one of you goes away for a lengthy business trip? The truth is, VR porn is capable of offering many unexpected possibilities that might have never occurred to you.

VR Sex with Your Partner

The most important thing that has to be mentioned from the start is that there is no universal solution. What works for some couples will never work for others, so everything depends on your and your partner’s perception. However, if both partners are interested in VR porn, they can easily use it to spice up their intimate life.

After downloading the video you’d like to recreate, either a man or a woman can put on the VR headset and take the position that would fit the one depicted in a video. After that, his/her partner can start the game, kissing, licking, and going down on him/her, mirroring the actions of porn stars in the video. This will create the impression that you’re having sex with another person while knowing that you’re not cheating.  Similarly, it can create an impression that your girlfriend/boyfriend got stuck in another person’s body but you’re still having sex, recognizing the beloved touch even if seeing another face in front of you. It can allow you to do the following:

  •         Diversify your intimate life by adding an unusual, safe VR experience into it;
  •         Role-play an alternative reality scenario, such as the one with soulmates where two people keep meeting despite having a different body every time;
  •         Add the elements of excitement and danger into your intimate life by making it seem like you’re cheating even if it’s not the case.

Long-Distance Sex with VR

If you or your partner have an active intimate life and if one of you is leaving for a while, it’s obvious that you’re going to miss sex. VR sex can be a great solution for both of you! You two can purchase sex toys from a platform like Kiiroo, create a profile, and connect your devices. This will let you exchange sensory data while simply chatting in reality. This way, you’ll be able to experience physical intimacy with each other even if you are not physically together at the moment.

VR sex offers many great possibilities for single people and couples alike. If you want to role-play a specific fantasy with your partner, you can use VR headsets. If your partner is away and you’re missing them, you can use a special VR platform to strengthen your relationship. The choice is yours!  

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