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Sex with a Robot: Cheating or Entertainment?

The developments in porn industry are happening all the time, with more unique objects being released yearly. VR porn and the implementation of artificial intelligence within the industry are some of the best examples showing the heights that have been achieved. Sex dolls with integrated AI technologies is an exciting revelation that many people would love to experience. However, there is an inevitable question: does sex with a doll mean cheating on your real life partner?

Sex Robots

To answer the question about cheating, it’s important to understand what sex robots are like first. They are represented by the following characteristics: read more

Artificial Intelligence in Porn Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has intrigued, fascinated, and scared people for many years with the alluring and seemingly endless possibilities it offers. Now, many pretty basic things are done with the help of AI, and porn giants have started to use it as well. In particular, there are three top uses of AI witnessed in the modern porn industry:  


  •         AI video identification to facilitate the search process for users;
  •         AI audio identification to divide porn videos based on specific countries;
  •         AI sex robots.

AI Video

Such porn giant as Pornhub has recently begun to use artificial intelligence-powered technologies to recognize the faces of porn stars. In fact, a more complex system is being prepared to identify hair and skin color as well as type of body of actors and actresses, along with places where sex happens. After the evaluation is done, AI system creates proper tags to mark the site’s content and facilitate the search process for Pornhub visitors. read more